The Story of Stevie Mac’s

In 2000, a good friend of mine presented me with a large bag of Serrano peppers he’d purchased on a trip out west.  The Serrano is a type of chili pepper that has a crisp, delicious, biting flavor.  That proved to be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received and changed my life.

After pondering about what to do with these wonderful peppers, I decided to tear off the stems, toss ’em in a pot with pure cider vinegar, dark brown sugar and other assorted ingredients.  Taking a break, I relaxed on my couch and soon fell fast asleep as the ingredients boiled.

I awoke several hours later to a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen.  I instantly knew I had stumbled upon something special.  Stevie Mac’s Scovie Award Winning Serrano Surprise was born.  From that humble beginning, came Stevie Mac’s Gourmet Sauces.

11 years later, Stevie Mac’s Gourmet Sauces continue to grow and more flavors have been added, including my Totally Awesome B-B-Q Sauce and two Mango Habanero Sauces (hot and mild).

And new to my Stevie Mac’s Gourmet Sauces line-up are Perfect PeachPippin’ Hot MangoCayenne Explosion and Smokin’ Gun.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than hearing from customers that have fallen in love with my hot sauces.  Many of them say they will never try go back to any other brand once they try mine. I hope you try my gourmet sauces and taste for yourself the Stevie Mac difference!