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Stevie Mac’s Gourmet Sauces are designed for people who want their meals enhanced by the dynamic flavor of a delicious hot sauce, not over-powered by it.

We all know about the Scoville Heat Scale and the impressive numbers some of the hottest sauces can produce.  And while the bottles may look cool on your collector’s shelf, you’re probably not going to be using these novelty items with your every day food… that is, unless you like sucking on hot coals.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Stevie Mac’s Gourmet Sauces are wimpy, watered down sauces.  Far from it! These hot sauces have kick that will awaken your taste buds like a hot slap on a cold day – but they also have a zesty, mouth watering flavor that sets them apart from the competition and add excitement to a wide variety of food.

People who try his Gourmet Sauces become loyal fans.  And these customers trust Stevie Mac’s to complement their favorite foods, not overwhelm it.  Each sauce has its own distinct taste and every appetizing drop is specially formulated for a savory burst of flavor.  Try a bottle of his Gourmet Sauces and you’ll know why Stevie Mac’s is the #1 choice of people who want more flavor, and less fire with their meals.